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Dear Future I Wish I Could Have

Cradled against my heart, I’ll sing you a moon song till you drift back asleep. Little darling with eyes bright, you are the star I orbit. Dream of heavenly things.

Dear Little Wing

–I never dreamed that I’d find somebody like you. 

Like the way you speak, the way you breathe, I love you naturally. Inherently.

I love the way you look at me (ardently), as if I were a miracle only you could see (immaculately).

And the way you push me to be better, because you know I can; in balance and in time.

Dear Dampened Fire

In the soft glow of candlelight, past reveals himself to present on a hazy dance floor. Hidden under palm leaves, tucked discretely into paradise, this was not where I imagined us meeting. 

In my younger days I was easily swayed by the impulsiveness of love. Swept up in the rush that fools always fall for. After a while, it was hard to know which one of us was wrong. 

A short time later, after drinking intricacy into ease, you take my hand and lead me to the water. “We start and finish everything by the sea.” 

Dear Black Sky

I’m staring at stars behind glass, looking for rifts in the universe. The night was cold, the company warm, and as we drive away from laughter on mountaintops, you reach your hand over mine.

I’ve realized life is a series of seconds. There are the some that hurt, a few that burn and many that go down easy. We are a composition of moments. Those important enough to sway history, those that exist to bide time.

This was brief and understated. Entirely fleeting but underscored all the same by the earnest touch of a tender heart. And I saw sparks.  

Dear Cowgirl in the Sand

"Hardest to forget are the senses; how skin felt on skin, the way whispers fall. Fragments of a person you only care to remember fundamentally. As a physical phenomenon or flurry of activity. Sinners and saints all know weakness, and mine is the wonder found in dreams.”

Dear Part of Me No One Knows

I could have danced all night, but there are more perks to being a wallflower. Sitting on sidelines, drinking it all in. Observing the delighted in order to dive in. We sink into movement when we’re most vulnerable; in full bloom, facing the sun.